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Page Updated August 22, 2015

August's Meeting

This month meeting was held at Patti's Prescott Valley Home. Before George passed away he wanted to make sure the club still held its August meeting in Prescott Valley. The club was happy to honor this request.
The first order of business was to check out the new home of the Beat The Heat Swap Meet. The old Gurley location in Prescott was getting old with difficult parking, no AC and small location. This year it was held in a school gym in Prescott Valley. Except for the no left turn or no U-turn signs the new digs were a major improvement. Another nice site, was the pricing. In the past the prices of items seemed to be very high. No so this year. The five of us who went, all walked away with less money in our pockets and good stuff in our bags. The sentiment of all of us was this was a good meet.
After lunch at Cracker Barrel we all headed up to Patti's. Patti showed off some of the buildings she had been working on after which we all took turns running locomotives and trains on the layout. We then had our meeting.
Matt, Fred, Jim, Mark and Gary were in attendance. Both Mark and Gary had no luck being able to donate George's video tapes. Fred when he has a chance will try his contacts. After that, they will either go to Goodwill or the recycle bin. Fred reported the layout carts are complete and we will get a chance to use them at his place next month. There was discussion about the leg stabilizers we tried last year. Even with the new foot system, it was suggested that we install stabilizing pieces between the legs. Mark suggested we just drill a couple of holes and secure a 1 X 2. The idea was well received and a test will be done at the layout set up meeting in September. Getting the layout to Railfair was the next topic. As no one has a vehicle that can transport the layout or tow a trailer, the club will rent a U-Haul van. Gary has a U-Haul dealer close to his house and will look into getting it. Discussion about tent size and location was next. We are waiting for information from McCormick/Stillman Park about this. Follow up, Mark did submit the exhibitor form for Railfair with the hope we can be relocated and have a bigger tent. Will not know until the event gets closer. There was a suggestion about having a club meeting at An Affair With Trains so we can run on its layout. Mark will enquire as he has been doing work on the layout.

Ponderosa North - Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be at on the 4th Saturday of the month, September 26 at Fred's home at 10AM.

If you live in the Phoenix metro area, and would be interested in attending our next meeting, just send an E-mail to our President, Gary Ray.

Future meetings:

October 10 & 11 - Scottsdale's Railfair event.
November 21 - Open
December 12? - Annual Christmas breakfast.
January 16 - Annual Business meeting.

A reminder: You are never too old to have a happy childhood.

Memberships Available

The Ponderosa North Model Railroad Club (PNMRC) is looking to add members. The PNMRC is a round robin style club meaning we have meetings at each others homes instead of having an expensive clubhouse. As a result dues are very low, currently $20 a year. We have experts in several areas of model railroading. There is NO scale restriction. Most members model in HO but we have N scalers and European modelers currently in the club. We are a laid back club with emphasis on the joy of modeling. Some have operating sessions. Some do not even have layouts but love trains and run what they have on the club layout. The club's modular layout built to our specifications (not compatible with N-Track modules) that allow for both constant train running and switching. Joining a club is one of the best ways to really learn and enjoy model railroading. If you are interested in learning more, E-mail Gary or Mark.

Officers and Executive Board

President - Gary Ray

Vice President - Fred Erickson

Secretary/Treasurer - Mark J. Redmond

Executive Board

President Emeritus - Matt Furze

Who is the Ponderosa North Model RR Club?

We are a round-robin club. We do not have a permanent home - but rather we move from members house to members house on a monthly basis. We share our knowledge and experience with one another, displaying and critiquing each others model making, view prototype train videos, help each other in building our home layouts - laying track, wiring, building scenery and running the trains in a prototype manner. We also go rail fanning on the two transcontinental main lines as well as the dozen or so short lines in Arizona.

The club has a portable modular layout. This layout is a working layout that is run at model railroading events like the city of Scottsdale's annual Railfair event. Work is normally done at these events to show both a running of trains and a demonstration of how to work on a layout providing visitors with help building their own layout.

Annual dues for the club are $20 per year.

Ponderosa North - Goals & Objectives

The PNMRRC participates in the many public model railroad shows and exhibitions in our state. One of our main goals is to inform the public about the great hobby of model railroading. In this capacity, we put on frequent demonstrations of how to build a model railroad - from bench work and wiring, to track layout design, to building structures and scenery to operating the miniature empire. Our members practice their craft in both HO and N scales. Most of our members are also members of the Arizona Division of the Pacific Southwest Region of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), and several of our members have been officers or volunteers in the NMRA.

If you live in the Phoenix area and are interested in joining our group,  just drop some E-mail to our President Gary Ray.

If you are a member of a rail oriented club or group in Arizona and would like to publicize your activities for free on this site, or if you have any comments or suggestions about this site, just drop a line to the webmaster.


Click on the logo to see a larger view.

These were the 3 previous logos used by the Ponderosa North. The 3 were meant to cover different eras in railroading. The ribbon logo was used in the steam era. The round logo used in the diesel transition era. The right logo was the modern logo which started being used around the 1970's -80's. At one time club member had decals of all 3 and used them on their own layouts.

A while back we ran out of decals. The copies of the logos we did have were not good enough to use as masters to make more and of those in use, the club favored the first logo design. I contacted a friend of mine, Mark Albers, who had designed my railroad logo and another business logo, to help me redo the club logo so we could have new masters. Well, he did that and added some color. After a vote of club members at Railfair 2002 we are proud to announce the new and improved Ponderosa North Model Railroad Club Logo.

This logo could be used today as many companies have gone to a retro look but with updated features.

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