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This page is dedicated to Ponderosa North Club members who are no longer with us.

It was said, "He's not really dead, Jim. As long as you remember."*
That's the goal of this page, to remember.

George Lopez-Cepero

George passed away January 9, 2015. The longest tenured member of the PNMMRC at the time, his expertise in electronics and electrical requirements for layouts had served the club well through the construction of numerous club layouts over the years. Too, his love of trains and his knowledge of everything railroad, coupled with his warm, friendly personality, made him the perfect ambassador to promote the hobby of model railroading to anyone who came in contact with him. And while he will be missed all the time, Railfair in October each year will simple never be the same without him.

George Lopez-Cepero

George working the club layout at Railfair 2012

Ed Duffy

Ed sadly passed away January 15, 2005. We met Ed when we were asked to help take down his layout in August 2004. Ed had a love for HO and garden railroads. Favorite railroad was the Boston and Maine. He had fond memories of the Hoosac Tunnel. Ed became an honorary club member in September 2004. Grumpy Duff's Tavern on the club layout is named in his honor. Although we only knew Ed a short time he made a lasting impression and will be missed.

Ed Duffy

Gary L. Stilts

Gary left us in June 2002. He was a very active member of the club. Loved not just trains but trolleys and inner city lines. He was instrumental in getting the club a web site. Always the with camera in hand, many of the pictures in the photograph archives are ones he took. His love of trains was only out done by the love of his granddaughter Becky. The town of Stilts on the club layout is named in his honor.

Gary L. Stilts

Gary and his granddaughter Becky.

Jim Barcus Sr.

Jim left us in June 2001. An active club member who was known for his, "Ya know it might be better if..." quotes. Jim's heart was as big as his hands, and his hands were huge. Having the club meeting at his Black Canyon City home was a treat. No only did we get to help Jim on his layout, but the BBQ feast left no one hungry. The town of Barcus, on the club layout, in named in his honor.

The club at one of Jim's BBQ meetings.

Matt, George & Jim discuss ideas on Jim's layout.

Mike NeCamp

Mike passed away suddenly in October, 2000. He was one of the founding members of the Ponderosa North Model Railroad club, and was active in collecting railroad models. He was an always smiling face at local swap meets, and very knowledgeable about the origin and history of models from a number of manufacturers.

Jim Gardner

Jim passed away following a short illness in late summer, 2000. He was Arizona Division Chief Clerk and Paymaster for 4 years, and an Arizona Division Member of the Year. Jim's interests lay in older steam era layouts and scratch building. He was also a very accomplished photographer.

Larry Manny

Larry was murdered while working as a cab driver in February, 1992. At the time, he was Contest Chairman for the Arizona Division and president of the Ponderosa North. He enjoyed scratch building buildings and working on layouts. Another former Arizona Division Member of the Year, Larry could always be counted on to get the job done. Among other accomplishments, he was awarded a Purple Heart during his time in Vietnam.

* From the movie "Star Trek: Wrath of Khan"


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